Get yourself on Social Media!

social-mediaYes, go do this now!  To really get tech savvy, is to know about the different social media platforms on the net.  You may find one that really resonates with you or a few or all of them.  These are excellent to meet new people, groups, societies, businesses, music etc.

Here the top 3 that are a must have:

1- Facebook

This is the Social media that almost everyone on social media will have.  It is very very easy to set up, you can either use your mobile number or your current email address.  Once you sign up you can create a your profile, so people know who you are.  Facebook will give you prompts on how to do this.  Here is the Facebook link.  From this profile you can create a fan page, or any page, a group and much more.

Remember that it has a privacy policy and make sure to know  what you are signing up to as a lot is public unless you select private, this is all found on the settings page.

2- Twitter

This is another platform, that is heavily used and many use to tweet whatever they are doing for fans or customers.  It is extremely useful for businesses or big celebrities too and many do use this and have a great following than most other platforms.  You can tweet about what you are doing, or where you are at, or question about something or what you simply think.

3- Instagram

Instagram is about your photos or images/videos.  You must have an image to post and write about, this is how it simply works.  You can use hashtag on this favourably than other platforms.  This is not really useful for all people and some businesses.  For instance a business like will not really benefit from this, possibly a construction company who posts up pics of the construction work they are doing and puts up in their daily stories of how they are getting on.  But the former really has no benefit from it except for being visible to the public.



The image on the left shows the extensive usages and benefits of some of the media sites.  Google plus is another must have, especially for businesses alongside LinkedIn.  The latter gives you access to jobs if you are looking for a job or recruiting.

Pin interest is another platform that anyone can use and highly recommend if you want to keep all the things you like in one place and then others too, like friends and family can see what you are discussing with them to.


Many more like shapchat, pinintrest, youtube, etc are easily downloaded on to the phone and keeps you mobile; you can access anywhere in the world too.


But beware these can take over your life so do use with caution.

Be sure to comment or contact me, if you have any queries.

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