About Me

Hey all

I am Boston-an inspiring techy, trying to learn new ways of becoming internet tech savvy.  I decided to create this blog because I feel there is still many individuals like myself wanting to know about the internet and ways to get around it, but they get confused.

inetrnet picDue to my circumstances of having to use the internet a lot more, I have to become more tech savvy, so I am now a little head of the game than most beginners.  So this Blog is all for you, if you are a beginner or new to the internet world.  Remember the internet is very recent, and social media only came about 7 years ago, so it is still a baby and hence its okay if you don’t know much about the internet, we are here to learn and I am happy to learn with you.

There was not much content out there in the world for novices like me, as i wanted this badly when i started years ago, I have created this for those like me.  I will be putting posts also about how you can use the internet to excel in many different ways in life.  I hope I can benefit you and enrich your life in some ways through this blog post.

I am still so very new to all this, so if there are any suggestion, or anything you would like to point out, please feel free to contact me here.

Anyways, thats a little bit about me and the purpose of this blog.  Thank you for stopping by.